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Issue 1
Date:   March 4, 2015
Telerik Developer Digest
OMG, it’s the first issue of the Telerik Developer Digest. Do you need another newsletter? Of course. But we promise not to waste your time. This is a collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web curated by a group of developers at Telerik who are just like yourself. We’re sure there’s an article or two in here that will change your life, or at the very least give you something interesting to read while you get your tires rotated.

Enjoy! And make sure to check out the Telerik Developer Magazine on Flipboard too.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Build Deploy rich UI JavaScript Apps, Fast!
Cody Lindley gets you up and running on Meteor and explains why he thinks it's the hottest thing since the last hot thing.
Android Permissions Explained
An interesting look at the complex list of Android Permissions and which ones you should steer clear of using when developing Android Apps
IoT with Windows On Devices
Michael Crump hooks up an Intel Gallileo board to his PC and then shows how to use C# to control the Arduino-like device. This one is for all the IoT geeks out there.
How NativeScript Works
NativeScript is a new open source framework for building native mobile apps with JavaScript. How is that even possible? It’s quite simple and rather brilliant. TJ VanToll explains more.
Concerts, Conferences and TelerikNEXT
TelerikNEXT is a new conference from Telerik for everyone interested in modern app development. This post talks about how to register for NEXT with an exciting keynote speaker announcement.
Introduction To the React JavaScript Framework
What is React? Aurelio De Rosa has you covered in this introductory look at one of the newer JavaScript frameworks on the block.
Call 911! Your App Icon Needs Help!
Some app icons are, well, icons. They correctly represent the mobile application. Others not so much. Jen Looper looks at some fundamentals for building app icons that won’t get lost in the chaos of mobile home screens.
Around the Web
Understanding .NET 2015
It’s 2015, Windows 10 is looming and MSFT has been busy. Beth Massi breaks down what’s in .NET 2015 and how it all fits together.
10 Responsive jQuery UI Snippets
Both the words “jQuery” and “Responsive” are in this buzz-feedy article which includes several UI controls you might not have seen before.
Tired Of Safari
PPK joins the discussion on Apple’s stalwart position on touch events in light of Pointer Events becoming a W3C Recommendation. But he’s got a few other things to say about Safari too…
Best Resources For Creating And Prototyping Mobile Apps
A look at some of the tools available for building mobile applications. There were several on here that we had not heard of.
What’s New And Explore ASP.NET 5 and ASP.NET MVC 6
In case you haven’t gotten your Scott Hanselman fix this week, you can catch him and Scott Hunter talking about what’s new in the popular Microsoft-built web framework for an impressive 4+ hours.
Meet Atomic
Atomic is a new browser-based interface prototyping tool. Why do we need another prototyping tool? Own Williams of TNW explains where the gap is and why Atomic is important.
Radical Statements About The Mobile Web
James Longster calls it like he sees it when it comes to the mobile web. Interesting observations and some edgy predictions. Some of the reasons he gives are the same that Telerik had for creating NativeScript.
Introducing Origami Live and Origami 2.0
Facebook has released an impressive tool for creating high-fidelity prototypes of mobile apps.
3 Cool CSS3 Image Hover Effects
A few nifty hover effects using only CSS3 animations.
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