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Issue 10
Date:   July 8, 2015
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.

Our TelerikNEXT event took place a month ago and we now have some videos to share - you can find these in a new section below.
From the Telerik Developer Network
The DNA of Responsive Web Design
Ed Charbeneau presents an overview of the basic concepts and techniques involved in responsive web design with approaches for media queries in popular frameworks.
Telerik Developer Network
Did Famous Finally Get It Right?
Cody Lindley explains his understanding of the intent of the Famous Engine - how it plans to build on the legacy of Flash and leverage the jQuery community.
Telerik Developer Network
Adding a Pivot Table to HTML5 Apps
Lohith G N shows how to use the new pivot grid widget in Kendo UI to add complex data tables to web apps using a variety of data sources.
Telerik Developer Network
The Web's Cruft Problem
TJ VanToll argues that the need to monetize content is causing an overload of cruft that is hurting the web and giving rise to tools like Facebook Instant.
Telerik Developer Network
Eat Sleep Code - Season 1, Episode 1
Guests Alex Bezuska and Eric Lathrop talk about game development and Jen Looper joins the show to talk about gaming with the internet of things (IoT).
Telerik Developer Network
CatchMe App Uses Telerik Tools to Help You Locate Your Friends
Telerik Developer Network
Enhance Your Xamarin.Forms Apps with Charts
Sam Basu demonstrates how to use the charting components in Telerik UI for Xamarin to add charts to cross-platform native applications built with Xamarin.
Telerik Developer Network
TelerikNEXT Session Videos
A Lap Around NativeScript
In his session from this year’s TelerikNEXT conference, TJ VanToll presented on how to use NativeScript.
Telerik Developer Network
AngularJS and Kendo UI
In his session from TelerikNEXT, Jeremy Likness showed how the combination of AngularJS and Kendo UI can supercharge your web-based applications.
Telerik Developer Network
Getting Started with ScreenBuilder
In his session from TelerikNEXT, Rob Lauer does an in-depth demonstration of ScreenBuilder.
Telerik Developer Network
Debugging with Fiddler by Eric Lawrence
Eric Lawrence showed off the newest improvements in Fiddler, including features that help optimize your sites and services for both performance and security.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
Seven Surprising JavaScript 'Features'
Luke Page shows seven quirks in the JavaScript language, including some specific to ES6.
Node.js Development for .NET Developers: Overview
The first in a series of posts.
Andrew Connell
Run localhost websites on Edge
By default this can cause an error but this post shows the shell command necessary to get it to work in the current build.
Rami Sarieddine
Windows 10 Development Training Resources
A list of resources for training on Windows 10 development including enhancements like XAML bindings to features like Cortana integration.
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