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Issue 15
Date:   September 16, 2015
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
NativeScript for .NET Developers
Sam Basu explains some of the reasons that NativeScript may appeal to developers from the .NET ecosystem that are used to working in Visual Studio.
Telerik Developer Network
JavaScript Messaging Patterns
In this episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast, Derick Bailey from Watch Me Code talks about using messaging patterns like RabbitMQ to create scalable applications.
Telerik Developer Network
How I Came To Love TypeScript
Burke Holland explains how he overcame his initial skepticism about TypeScript and learned to love the benefits of strong typing and compiling to JavaScript.
Burke Holland
TypeScript with Visual Studio 2015
Michael Crump walks through some of the benefits of TypeScript and how to get started using it in Visual Studio 2015.
Telerik Developer Network
Windows 10, Chrome 45+, and Silverlight
John Bristowe details recent browser changes that negatively impact Silverlight apps and some potential, if not ideal, solutions to deal with them.
Telerik Developer Network
Building NativeScript UI for .NET Developers
Sam Basu demonstrates all of the features and tooling that will make .Net developers feel comfortable creating native mobile apps with NativeScript.
Telerik Developer Network
Hail, Babel! The Transpiling Overlord
Cody Lindley answers common questions about what Babel is, how it lets you use ES6 and ES7 today and whether it is a good fit for your development workflow.
Telerik Developer Network
7 Steps to Building a Hybrid Apple Watch App
Rob Lauer walks through the steps to build a hybrid Apple Watch app using web technologies with the Telerik Platform.
Telerik Developer Network
You Might Not Need an Apple Watch App
TJ VanToll discusses some of the limitations inherent in the Apple Watch and explains which types of apps work on it and which don't.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
Swift 2.0
At WWDC, Apple announced Swift 2.0 with better performance, a new error handling API, and first-class support for availability checking.
Apple Developer
MSBuild Going Cross-Platform with .NET Core
An update on the open source development of .NET, on-going cross-platform work, and more.
MSDN Blogs
Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks Preview
WebHooks is a lightweight HTTP pattern providing a simple pub/sub model for wiring together Web APIs and SaaS services.
MSDN Blogs
7 Reasons to Upgrade to Node v4 Now
Focuses on ES6 related things like template strings, classes, arrow functions, let and const, and more.
Damien Klinnert
One Developer's First Impressions of Angular2
An overview of some of the significant changes in Angular 2 and what they may mean to developers who use Angular.
Minko Gechev
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