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Issue 16
Date:   September 30, 2015
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Battle of the Free Code Editors
Brian Rinaldi compares 3 free code editing options - Brackets, Atom and Visual Studio Code - to determine what type of developer each is most suitable for.
Telerik Developer Network
A Guide to JavaScript Engines for Idiots
Jen Looper explains the basics of what a JavaScript engine is, what it does and why there seem to be so many different ones out there.
Telerik Developer Network
Static Site or CMS?
Brian Rinaldi discusses the considerations when to choose a static site generator versus a CMS for building a content-focused web site.
Telerik Developer Network
MVC6 New Project Tour
Ed Charbeneau gives an overview of what’s missing, what’s the same and what’s new when creating a new project using ASP.NET MVC 6.
Telerik Developer Network
Pro JavaScript Concepts for Enterprise Developers
Jeremy Likness covers some more advanced concepts that developers need to know, especially when using JavaScript to develop enterprise applications.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
“Your site may soon be collateral damage in a war between Silicon Valley superpowers.” (i.e. Google and Apple)
Jeffrey Zeldman
Foundation 6: Leaner, Meaner and Cleaner Sass
A look at how the Foundation team optimized their Sass for cleaner and more maintainable output.
What’s next for Windows 10 IoT Core
The next release focuses on responding to user feedback, improving security, and expanding development choices.
Building Apps for Windows
How Chromium Works
A look at how the group of people who build the Chrome browser work.
Aaron Boodman
The Angular 2 Migration Path: What We Know
“Seeing the changes in the migration path makes me feel a lot more comfortable. It eliminates most of my fears about my existing Angular 1 projects and their future.”
Aviv Ben-Yosef
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