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Issue 23
Date:   January 27, 2016
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
What To Expect From JavaScript In 2016 - Frameworks
A look at what to expect in 2016 from JavaScript frameworks and libraries across the JavaScript spectrum by Burke Holland.
Telerik Developer Network
Front-end Application Libraries and Component Architectures
Cody Lindley says that component architectures are a cornerstone of all the modern front end libraries/frameworks and shows how they work in many of them.
Telerik Developer Network
Native Mobile Maps from Telerik and Mapbox
Rob Lauer shows how to leverage Mapbox open source maps within a Cordova or NativeScript mobile app using the provided plugins.
Telerik Developer Network
Monkeying around with Kendo UI and Modulus
What do you get when you combine MongoDB, Node.js, Kendo UI & Express to run a site on Modulus? Jen Looper explains.
Telerik Developer Network
NativeScript for Appcelerator Developers
Josh Jensen compares and contrasts the concepts for developing applications using Titanium Alloy versus NativeScript for JavaScript developers.
Telerik Developer Network
5 Steps for Learning React Application Development
Cody Lindley offers advice and resources for anyone looking to learn how to develop web applications using the React framework.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
Mobile Web vs. Native Apps or Why You Want Both
Luke Wroblewski illustrates how data indicates that your business needs both a mobile web site to broaden its reach and a mobile app to broaden engagement through rich experiences.
Luke Wroblewski
Building a RESTful API with ASP.NET 5
Nick Soper takes a look at what has changed with regards to creating a RESTful API using MVC 6 (Note: this post has a link to an update regarding ASP.NET Core 1.0).
Scott Logic
Persist NativeScript App Data After an App has Closed
A look at the options why the author decided to use file from the file-system module to persist NativeScript app data after an app has closed.
Mike Branstein
ASP.NET 5 is dead - Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0
ASP.NET 5 is now ASP.NET Core 1.0. .NET Core 5 is now .NET Core 1.0. Entity Framework 7 is now Entity Framework Core 1.0.
Scott Hanselman
Getting Started With Telerik AppBuilder
A walkthrough on building your first hybrid app using the Telerik Platorm.
Use The Android Palette Class With NativeScript
How to access the Android Palette class using JavaScript to extract color palettes from an image within a NativeScript app.
Brad Martin
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