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Issue 35
Date:   July 13, 2016
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Improving the Quality of Front End Projects, Automatically
Aurelio De Rosa examines tools for automating code style and quality checks for JavaScript and web site accessibility.
Telerik Developer Network
Advice for Companies Fighting Ad Blockers
TJ VanToll says that the way most publishers are dealing with ad-blockers is counter-productive and offers some ideas for a better approach.
TJ VanToll
ngMigrate: A resource of Angular 1.x concepts for Angular 2
A new resource to help you learn how to convert your Angular 1.x knowledge to Angular 2.
Todd Motto
The New .NET Core 1.0 Is Here
After nearly two years in the making, .NET Core 1.0 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of .NET.
Web Clips - A Hidden, But Useful, OS X Feature
TJ VanToll shows how an OSX feature you may not know about, web clips, can make it quick and easy to access frequently accessed charts and online data.
TJ VanToll
How we use Kendo UI by Progress on the Collab365 Platform
Mark Jones shows how his team built a large portion of the user interface for their conference user interface using Kendo UI.
Telerik Developer Network
A Git CLI Reference for Beginners
Sam Basu walks through the basic commands necessary to create and manage Git and GitHub repositories via the command line tooling.
Telerik Developer Network
Taking TodoMVC For Granted
Burke Holland thinks that developers who say todo list examples are too simple to be effective for learning take the power of their framework for granted.
Telerik Developer Network
The Software Developer Mindset
On this episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast, guest Julie Lerman talks about the Software Developer mindset.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
CrossPlatform Mobile Apps with NativeScript, CouchBase and Angular 2
Come learn how NativeScript solves the problem of creating high-performance cross platform native mobile applications by using a single code set and a common set of development languages,
NativeScript Silicon Valley Meetup
Create Native iOS and Android Plugins with NativeScript
How to wrap access to native iOS and Android platform APIs into plugins for NativeScript.
Nic Raboy
Announcing .NET Core 1.0
This release includes the .NET Core runtime, libraries and tools and the ASP.NET Core libraries as well as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions.
Give Your NativeScript Mobile App an Ionic Framework Theme
How to apply a CSS theme that will make your NativeScript Android and iOS mobile app look similar to the default styling for the Ionic Framework.
Nic Raboy
NativeScript Developer Day 2016
A 1 day conference (with a pre-conference workshop) focused on native mobile development with JavaScript, AngularJS and the NativeScript open source platform.
What Is New in NativeScript 2.1
NativeScript 2.1 includes load time and runtime optimizations on Android, tooling improvements and more.
Hybrid or Native Mobile App? Use the Right Tool for the Job
When should you use hybrid apps and when should you go native? Learn about the difference and which is best for your mobile app development.
Rob Lauer
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