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Issue 36
Date:   July 27, 2016
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Will Pokémon Go Change the Mobile Landscape?
Members of the Telerik Developer Relations team and Telerik Developer Experts debate the potential impact of Pokémon Go on mobile app development.
Telerik Developer Network
Understanding ASP.NET Core Initialization
Ed Charbeneau explains how initializing ASP.NET applications has changed in the multi-platform world of .NET Core and why the changes are important.
Telerik Developer Network
What Do the Popular JavaScript Tools Depend On?
An in-depth look at the dependencies of popular JavaScript tools and frameworks including Angular, React, jQuery, Aurelia and more.
Cody Lindley
Couchbase and Polyglots
On this episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast, Nic Raboy talks about Couchbase, NoSQL databases and working with data persistence in a polyglot world.
Telerik Developer Network
How to Create Mobile Apps with Sitefinity and Telerik Platform
Peter Filipov walks through the steps required to expose Sitefinity data to a mobile app and then build a hybrid mobile app using the Telerik Platform.
Telerik Developer Network
How Do Mobile Emulators Work?
Jen Looper explains the technology behind iOS and Android mobile emulators and why they function so differently.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
The Differences Between NativeScript and Xamarin
Burke Holland attempts to break down the differences between Xamarin and NativeScript.
Fact Checking The Web… or Just Some Reddit Thread About NativeScript
A response to some recent Reddit comments that reflect common misperceptions about NativeScript.
Brad Martin
Create A Mobile App From Your Angular 2 Web App With NativeScript
How to take an Angular 2 web app and bring it to mobile using NativeScript.
Nic Raboy
NativeScript Angular 2 Introduction: Why NativeScript Matters
Simon shares his initial impressions moving from hybrid development to NativeScript.
Simon Reimler
AHHH! This NativeScript Plugin Doesn’t Work
Some handy steps for new NativeScript developers to understand how to get plugins working within an app.
Brad Martin
New Grid Control at Your Service
There’s a powerful new grid display in Analytics in Visual Studio Application Insights that has filtering, sorting, grouping and paged display.
Dan Hadari
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