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Issue 41
Date:   October 19, 2016
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Is jQuery Still Relevant?
The transcript of a chat between several experts discussing whether the jQuery project is still useful in modern web development.
Telerik Developer Network
Angular 2 Patterns for Angular 1.x Apps
Todd Motto explains the strategies that you can use on existing Angular 1.x codebases to get them into shape for future Angular 2 refactoring.
Todd Motto
Make Programming Great Again (Closing Keynote Recording)
Raymond Camden shows how embracing a platform that lets you be creative, that lets you explore, can be the key to your success as a developer.
Telerik Developer Network
Nativescript: Past, Present and Future (Keynote Recording)
At NativeScript Developer Day 2016, Burke Holland and Todd Anglin look at the story of why we built NativeScript and our future plans.
Telerik Developer Network
Kendo UI Grid Filtering with Querystrings
Matt Millican offers a solution to filtering the Kendo UI Grid that has the benefits of AJAX data loading, but remembers the user’s current criteria.
Telerik Developer Network
Software Craftsmanship with Steve Smith - Eat Sleep Code Podcast
On this episode guests Steve Smith and Sam Basu share their thoughts on software craftsmanship, clean code, and software quality.
Telerik Developer Network
Introduction to Using Kendo UI in SharePoint Online – A "How To" Series
Ed Musters begins a series on creating, packaging and deploying modern Microsoft Sharepoint solutions using the Kendo UI framework.
Telerik Developer Network
Contain Your Excitement: Cross Platform Containers with Docker
What containers are and how to get started using and building your own containers for development with Docker.
Jeremy Likness
Around the Web
Angular 2: What's Good, what's Bad, What's Next
TJ VanToll is interviewed by App developer Magazine about his thoughts on Angular 2.
Richard Harris
Upgrading Hybrid Apps to Native with NativeScript
An in-depth resource to help decision making on development technologies and frameworks, and a guide with advice for developers migrating from hybrid to native solutions.
Nic Raboy, Burke Holland and TJ VanToll
TIL - Form Fields and Invalid Values
Ray discusses how browser inputs with a specified type handle invalid values.
Raymond Camden
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