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Issue 42
Date:   November 9, 2016
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
What's New and What's Changed in Bootstrap 4
Annarita Tranfici shares an overview of the changes you really need to know about in the upcoming Bootstrap 4 release & what’s different from Bootstrap 3.
Telerik Developer Network
Building Node-based APIs with the LoopBack Framework
Raymond Camden explores how the LoopBack framework simplifies the process of creating, maintaining and securing REST-based APIs with Node.js.
Telerik Developer Network
Building Angular 2 Web and Native Apps from a Single Codebase
Jen Looper walks through the Angular 2 Advanced Seed project designed to optimize sharing code between a mobile, desktop and web application.
Telerik Developer Network
Kendo UI in SharePoint Online – Referencing Kendo UI
Ed Musters continues his series on how to use Kendo UI in SharePoint Online projects by walking through injecting the necessary JavaScript and CSS files.
Telerik Developer Network
A Lap Around Push Notifications
Simon MacDonald and Sam Basu discuss best practices when using push notifications in your app and Simon’s involvement with Apache Cordova.
Eat Sleep Code Podcast
Why the Command Line? Why Now?
Sam Basu looks at the growing importance of command line tooling across a wide array of development tools and frameworks.
Telerik Developer Network
NativeScript for the .NET Developer
Why .NET developers may feel comfortable building mobile applications using NativeScript despite the lack of C#.
Rob Lauer
Around the Web
Microsoft Supports Open NativeScript Language to Boost TypeScript
An interview with Microsoft evangelist Gavin Bauman.
Joel Shore
Google Releases .NET APIs for Google Cloud
Google recently announced .NET support for Google Cloud APIs, including C# bindings and PowerShell cmdlets. A Visual Studio extension is also available.
Using SQLite In A NativeScript Angular 2 Mobile App
Learn how to use a SQLite relational database in a NativeScript Android and iOS mobile application built with Angular 2 and TypeScript.
Nic Raboy
Dismiss the Android SoftKeyboard Programmatically in a NativeScript App
How to force the keyboard to go away.
Brad Martin
Mind of the Speaker - The Most Important Thing To Remember On Stage
Some advice for aspiring or even experienced speakers from experts including Progress’ very own Burke Holland
Matthew Jones
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