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Issue 46
Date:   January 18, 2017
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
The .NET Core 2 Wave
Ed Charbeneau discusses upcoming .NET Core Wave including .NET Core 2.0, .NET Standard 2.0, adoption strategies & Visual Studio 2017 tooling with Scott Hunter
Telerik Developer Network
Single Project Full-Stack Angular 2
Ed Charbeneau walks through the steps for building the database, back end and UI for a web application using Angular 2, .NET and Kendo UI.
Telerik Developer Network
Drag and Drop Grouping and Sorting with Angular 2
Ed Charbeneau shows how to use the new Telerik Kendo UI for Angular 2 Sortable component to easily add sortable lists to an Angular 2 web application.
Telerik Developer Network
Visualizing Data with Kendo UI for Angular 2
Tara Manicsic steps through building a data visualization web application with Angular 2 that utilizes the charting features of the Kendo UI library.
Telerik Developer Network
Improving the State of your App with Redux
Jeremy Likness gives an overview of what the Redux framework is, what it helps with, and how to build a web application with Redux and Angular 2.
Telerik Developer Network
A Guide to App Store Images
Rob Lauer lists all the requirements for the various app store images that an app can have including icons, screenshots, splash screens and more.
Telerik Developer Network
Around the Web
Angular 2: What’s Working, What Needs Work and Where It’s Heading
TJ VanToll explores the good and “less good” about Angular 2 since it’s release.
Explaining .NET Standard Like I'm Five
How shares how he sees .NET Standard and what it means for.NET developers.
Joe Petrakovich
Go Tops Java, C, Python for Programming Language of 2016
The Google-grown language bests Dart and Perl, while Java, C, and Python slip.
Paul Krill
What .NET Developers Ought to Know to Start in 2017
Scott shares a list of terms and resources that can serve as your study guide for the coming year.
Scott Hanselman
Using Fiddler's Autoresponder to Mock API Responses
A look at using Fiddler for slightly more complex testing of client side code.
Drew Theasby
Internationalization In A NativeScript Mobile App With Angular
Learn how to add internationalization (i18n) support to your NativeScript Android and iOS application built with Angular and Angular Translate.
The Polyglot Developer
Communicating with WebSockets in a NativeScript Angular Application
Learn how to use WebSockets for real-time communication in a NativeScript cross-platform app built with the Angular framework.
Nic Raboy
SD Times' Top GitHub Projects of 2016
The Top 10 GitHub projects on SD Times included machine learning for software engineers, RethinkDB, Meteor, WarriorJS, and Google Interview University
Christina Cardoza and Madison Moore
Angular 2 - Choosing/Evaluating a UI Library
In this 26-minute screencast Ajden evaluates if Kendo UI’s Grid Component for Angular 2 fits the bill for a client.
Ajden Towfeek
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