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Issue 52
Date:   April 12, 2017
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
Introducing Progress’s Developer Experts Program
Jen Looper shares the story and the mission behind the developers that are part of the community of Progress’s developer experts.
Telerik Developer Network
Using Pipes in Angular
Burke Holland demonstrates how to use the new pipes functionality in Angular that replaces filters from AngularJS (i.e. Angular 1).
Telerik Developer Network
Creating a Custom Filter (Pipe) in Angular
In this guide, Todd Motto shows how to create a custom pipe that accepts a single value and returns a new value in Angular.
Telerik Developer Network
Creating Your First Native Mobile App with Visual Studio and NativeScript
Setting up Visual Studio with NativeScript to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript.
Rob Lauer
Free Video Training on NativeScript + JavaScript and NativeScript + Angular
Take advantage of a free course on NativeScript for a limited time.
Telerik Developer Network
What's the Best Editor for Modern Web Development?
In this Slack chat, members of the Progress DevRel team and community debate which is the best code editor to do JavaScript development today.
Telerik Developer Network
Ship Quickly, Ship Quality: The Developer’s Quest
The Kendo UI team takes a creative look at the StackOverflow Survey results as illuminating a developer’s quest.
Telerik Developer Network
Using XAML in Xamarin.Forms
Matthew Soucoup shows the basics of building a Xamarin.Forms user interface in XAML and what some of the initially strange syntax means.
Telerik Developer Network
Automapper for .NET Core
On this episode of Eat Sleep Code guest Jimmy Bogard shares his perspective on Microsoft’s basic object-mapper.
Telerik Developer Network
Creating Your First Native Mobile App with Visual Studio
Part 2 in this series on building a native mobile app in Visual Studio with NativeScript focuses on creating the layout and connecting dummy data.
Rob Lauer
Around the Web
Angular 4 Reduces Footprint, Adds Features
The latest version of the JavaScript framework reduces the size of generated code by more than half and moves to TypeScript 2.1
Paul Krill
Xamarin.Forms UI Components
A quick look at the components in the UI for Xamarin suite.
Namysław Szymaniuk
JavaScript Dominates 2017 Stack Overflow Survey
JavaScript is again the No. 1 programming language in use and also figures prominently in many other categories.
Encoding Data in CSS
How to encode color data in CSS that can be read by scripts.
Alex Gyoshev
.NET Futures: Multiple Inheritance
A controversial new proposal for .NET suggests the introduction of a limited form of multiple inheritance via abstract interfaces.
Jonathan Allen
An Introductory Docker with ASP.NET Core Tutorial
A beginner’s tutorial on how to build and run your first ASP.NET Core Docker image.
The Practical Dev
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