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Issue 56
Date:   June 21, 2017
Telerik Developer Digest
Welcome to the latest collection of the best articles from the Telerik Developer Network and around the web, curated by a group of Telerik developers just like you.
From the Telerik Developer Network
A Love Letter to CSS
TJ VanToll explains why, despite the ridicule CSS sometimes gets from the developer community, he still loves it for its flexibility, simplicity and power.
Telerik Developer Network
Form Validation in a NativeScript Angular Mobile Application
Nic Raboy demonstrates how to add form validation and feedback into a cross-platform mobile app built with NativeScript and Angular.
Telerik Developer Network
How to Serve Serverless with Examples in Azure
Jeremy Likness explores how to create and use Azure functions as a way to build a serverless architecture based upon microservices.
Telerik Developer Network
Making the Switch from AngularJS to Angular in an Enterprise Dev Shop
Gabriel Babilonia explores upgrading existing AngularJS apps to Angular in enterprise dev shops and why, in many cases, a ground-up rewrite may be better.
Telerik Developer Network
Generating Splash Screens and App Icons for NativeScript Mobile Apps
Nic Raboy walks through the tools for creating and automatically generating all of necessary images for a NativeScript app.
Telerik Developer Network
Cross Cutting Crossover
This episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast crosses over with the Cross Cutting Concerns podcast for a special dual interview show.
Telerik Developer Network
High Speed Bug Discovery With Fuzzing
On this episode of the Eat Sleep Code podcast, Craig Stuntz discusses his technique of using fuzzing to discover bugs in software.
Telerik Developer Network
Building Predictive Web Services
Ed Charbeneau demonstrates how to build a predictive web service using Microsoft’s Azure ML Studio.
Telerik Developer Network
Using CodePush with NativeScript
Sebastian Witalec demonstrates how a NativeScript mobile app can utilize CodePush to allow for automatic updates outside of the app store update process.
Telerik Developer Network
Test Password Strength Using Regular Expressions in A NativeScript Mobile Application
Nic Raboy demonstrates how to use regular expressions and CSS to build a password-strength indicator into a NativeScript mobile app built with Angular.
Telerik Developer Network
Get Ready for Web Bluetooth
A look at the current state of Web Bluetooth support and how it can play an important role in the physical web and projects using beacons and mobile devices.
Jen Looper
Highlight Text Within a String Using Angular and Regular Expressions
Nic Raboy shows how to use regular expressions to search text and highlight instances of a matching string in an Angular web application.
Nic Raboy
Around the Web
The Role of JavaScript in Cognitive Application Development
Exploring the options for building cognitive applications using JavaScript.
Brian Rinaldi
Options for Configuring ASP.NET Core Applications
A simple introduction to the Options framework within .NET that can be used to simplify your existing application settings and how they are accessed within your application.
Rion Williams
Have Web Standards on Mobile Caught Up to Phonegap in 2017?
Part 2 in a look at the state of web standards for the core PhoneGap/Cordova plugins to see if the mobile web has caught up in 2017.
Raymond Camden
ASP.NET Core 2.0 Configuration and Razor Pages
Jamie Taylor
A New Vue for NativeScript
Learn about the new Vue.js integration with NativeScript
Common Pitfalls Implementing ASP.NET Core Apps
Exploring upgrading ASP.NET classic apps to ASP.NET Core.
Camilo Reyes
How Easy Is It to Create A Plugin for NativeScript?
A quick guide to building a simple UI plugin with NativeScript.
Douglas Franco
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